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Every RVer could use a checklist occasionally, to keep from forgetting an important item to pack, an important task to perform, or just to jog your memory every now and then. So we have created a few checklists to help RVers in a few of these areas:

  • Outfitting Your RV: Essential Items: - This checklist is geared towards new RVers (newbies) who just purchased or are thinking of purchasing an RV. The items on this list are what we consider essential for every RVer and their rigs.
  • Outfitting Your RV: Nice To Have Items: - Also geared towards newbies, the items on this list are not necessary but are sure nice to have when you need them.
  • Initial Inventory - A starting point for newbies on what to pack for that first RV excursion.
  • Packing Up - Inside your RV - A checklist for every RVer on the tasks required when packing up inside your RV after your trip.
  • Packing Up - Outside your RV - You also need to pack up the outside of your RV.
  • Hitching Up and Pulling Out - A checklist to complement Packing Up - a few items you should remember when hitching up and pulling out.
  • Winterizing your RV - A checklist for winterizing your RV
  • Storing your RV - A checklist for storing your RV for any extended period of time.

We have created two versions of each of these checklists; one with our comments and one of just the checklist items themselves. We suggest taking a look at, and printing out, both versions, one for reference and one to keep with you when you need it.

Note: Clicking on a checklist will bring it up in a new browser window so you are able to print it out on your printer. After you are done printing, just close that window and you will return to this page. AOL users can just use the "back" button of the browser to return.

We welcome your feedback and comments on these checklists. If there are things we should look at changing, or if there are other checklists you think would be useful, please send us an contact us and let us know. Thank you for visiting with us.

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