Hitching Up and Pulling Out

Now you're ready to hitch up and pull out. The following short list will give you some guidelines on this process. Some of the items may also apply to towing a vehicle behind your motorhome.

  • Put on extended mirrors on the tow vehicle, if applicable
  • Hitch up being sure to check the following:
    • Check that hitch is secure
    • Check sway bars
    • Check spring bars
    • Check break-away cable
    • Check electrical umbilical cord
  • Pull out of the site slowly to the road and stop.
  • Take one last look around the site. Did you forget anything? Is the site clean?
  • Don't forget to stow any levelers you might have used
  • Throw out your last bag of trash.
  • Take one last look around the tow and towed vehicles; everything look secure?
  • Check the lights (stop lights, turn signals and running lights).
  • Check your electric brakes.
  • Pull out of the park slowly.
  • Have a safe trip to wherever you're headed!

checklist courtesy of rvNetLinx:  www.rvnetlinx.com