Outfitting Your RV — Nice To Have Items

The following are not absolutely essential, but they are sure nice to have when needed. Seriously consider these items, but watch your load weight!

  • Wand — For cleaning out your black water tank. It does a great job and a few years down the road you'll be glad you used it.
  • Folding Shovel — Self explanatory, and you'll need one some day.
  • Axe — Again, self explanatory.
  • Sewer Hose Support — You can travel without one, but they help a lot when dumping.
  • Awning Tie-Downs — Great for those slightly windy days. In a storm, however, it's best to close up your awning.
  • Regular Extension Cord — A 25-foot length of extension cord, rated at least 20-amp. Use an appropriate gauge cord, at least a 12-guage.
  • Garden Hose Mending Fittings — They are cheap and could come in handy.
  • Duct Tape — Who doesn't use duct tape?
  • Electrician Tape — Another goodie when needed.
  • Bungee Cords — You can purchase a package that includes various sizes.
  • Another Flashlight — Or two, with extra batteries.
  • Trash Can — For the interior, so you don't have to put things in a free-standing plastic bag.
  • More Tools — If you seriously consider this item, you are mechanically-inclined and won't need to be told what to include here.
  • Co-Ax Cable — For Cable TV. If you're carrying a TV in your RV, you'll need this to avoid renting a cable from the campground, for those sites that have cable TV hookups.
  • Telephone and Telephone Wire — Some campgrounds have free local phone service, and it's nice to have a phone to call local attractions for more info, make reservations at a local eatery and these types of calls. If you don't have a phone, you can always rent one from the campground.
  • Electrical Tester — For those times when you need to check the campground electrical service. Remember, this is in the nice to have category.
  • Lubricating Oil — A can of WD-40 will do just fine.
  • Vacuum Cleaner — A small model, maybe even a 12-volt portable for those clean-up times.
  • Broom and Dust Pan — Again, small and as portable as you can get.
  • Ant Spray and Ant Traps — Because you will get ants at some point in your RVing experiences.
  • Swiss Army Knife — Just a nice item to have when you really could use one.
  • Rope and/or String — For those emergencies when you need to tie up, or down, something at your site.
  • Carpet or Fake Grass — To put down in front of the door; it really helps keep the area cleaner and also helps to keep from tracking all kinds of dirt into your RV.
  • Extra Mirror — Just like at home, both of you are going to need the bathroom mirror at the same time. Consider this an "argument-saver".

checklist courtesy of rvNetLinx:  www.rvnetlinx.com