Packing Up — Inside Your RV

The following are generalized checklists for packing up after your RV trip. Since there are so many different types of RVs with different options on each one, it's nearly impossible to put together a checklist for each one. So keep in mind the following notes when using these lists:

Note 1 — These are general checklists you can use for packing up. Modify them any way you wish for your particular setup. Some items may not apply while other items for your rig and setup might be missing. But these checklists contain most of what needs to be done in every situation, regardless of whether you have a motorhome, travel trailer or tent camper.
Note 2 — The checklists are not necessarily in the order that things must be done. Rather, as long as you have everything checked off before you leave, you should be in good shape.
Note 3 — We have a checklist item to turn your refrigerator to gas before pulling out. It has been proven, sometimes with devastating results, that traveling with your propane gas open and running can be dangerous. The experts strongly recommend against this practice. But, just as many RVers are running overweight (another dangerous practice), many will still run with the propane on. Who are we to judge, and we don't. But as a form of disclaimer, just because we have this item on our checklist we do not endorse operating the refrigerator on gas while traveling.

  • Stow everything loose; coffee maker, toaster, dishes, cups, etc.
  • Take down all portable clocks that could fall.
  • Disconnect and stow any electrical cords.
  • Wrap TVs in a blanket and place on the floor.
  • Lower roof TV antenna.
  • Lower roof satellite dish.
  • Put travel bars in refrigerator.
  • Lock refrigerator door (safety pin or latch).
  • Turn off water pump.
  • Turn off electric water heater.
  • Secure bathroom shower door.
  • Close and/or secure all other doors (pass-thru, bathroom and bedroom closet doors).
  • Stow and secure all bathroom items.
  • Lower roof vents.
  • Close and secure all cabinets, doors and drawers.
  • Double check items in cabinets to make sure they won't fall over.
  • Stow and secure any stand-alone tables, chairs and other objects.
  • Turn off refrigerator -or- switch to gas operation.
  • Shut off all gas pilot lights.
  • Shut off all lights, radios and electrical items.
  • Lower range top cover.
  • Close windows and secure blinds/drapes.
  • Secure refrigerator door.
  • Turn off air conditioner or furnace.
  • Put cutting board in sink or stow in cabinet.
  • Make sure the weight inside is as evenly distributed as possible.
  • Put in the slide-outs.
  • Lock in the slide-out (travel bars and/or lock pins).

checklist courtesy of rvNetLinx: