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(the) MailCard - allows RVers to send/receive private e-mail from any internet-connected PC
Camp Wireless - devoted to wireless internet access on your camping trip
CarterComm - mobile cellular internet anywhere, anytime
Computing on the Road - a wealth of information by Mel Chaney
Connectionwave.com - satellite internet for RVers and WiFi for RV parks
Cruising America - guide to modem friendly campgrounds
E-mail on the Road - how to get online while on the road
Gentle Adventures - includes links to internet-friendly parks
Internet In Motion - cellular mobile data solutions
Laptop Travel - unique solutions for laptop connectivity
Mobile Computing online - information and products for mobile computing
PCRV.US - wireless internet connectivity while on the road
PocketMail - affordable mobile e-mail
Roadnews - tips and tricks for the computer-equipped traveler
RV Computing - forum where computer users on the road get together
Rv Mail Box - rvmailbox.com, rvman.com and rvwoman.com e-mail services
RV Parks - "Modem Friendly" RV Parks
RV Wireless Internet - access the internet while on the road
RVComputing - computer users on the road
RVers Computer Help - help with computer problems for RVers

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