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Thank you for your interest in advertising with us.  The rvNetLinx website is a rapidly growing portal for the RV industry.

Our website has been registered with and has great positioning with all of the major search engines.  We have reciprocal links on hundreds of other RV and camping related websites.  Our site has been and continues to be posted on dozens of RV and other newsgroups.  In addition, our website has been included in quite a few print publications and word of mouth is continually spreading the word about us.

Our viewership is continuing to grow and our website is continuing to expand.  We welcome the opportunity to drive additional targeted visitors to your website through advertising with us.

The following are guidelines for placing banners with us:
  • We accept standard-size banners:
    (Full Banners 468x60 : Buttons 120x60 and 120x120)
  • No banner can be larger than 468x60.
  • We can accept gif, gif89 and jpg static or animated banners.
  • The byte count of each banner must remain under 12K.
  • All Full Banners (468x60) will be placed at the top of the page, just above the page heading.  This will ensure that Full Banners are above the fold for maximum exposure.
  • Button Banners (120x) will be placed in the left marginal space on the page, just below the navigational scroll bar.
  • rvNetLinx reserves the right to limit the number of banners on a page, to keep page load time to a minimum and to prevent banner "overload".
  • rvNetLinx reserves the right to decide if banners are appropriate for this site and to refuse banners if it is felt the banner is not in the best interest of this site.  We also reserve the right to cancel a banner at any time, for any reason.  Fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.
  • We will NOT accept banners that advertise, link or in any way relate to material defined as "Adult Content".
  • We can accept your completed banner through e-mail or we can create one for you.  Our fees for banner creation are reasonable and vary depending upon the banner.
  • Any banner requiring Java, JavaScript, Flash or any other programming or scripting MUST be approved in advance.
  • Page loading time is of the utmost importance to us.  Therefore, banners outside of these specs will not be accepted.
  • Currently we are only accepting flat-fee pricing.
  • Fees for all banners must be prepaid before appearing on our site.
Contact Us If you are interested in placing a banner with us,
please contact us for rate information.

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