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class B (van) motorhome

The Class B (van) Motorhome is essentially a street van, or panel-type truck, that has been customized for abbreviated motorhome-style accommodations. The raised roof allows full headroom and the Class B features some very innovative packaging and floorplans.

Class B Motorhome at a Glance

    • Length: » Normal Length: 16' to 23'

    • Width: » Normal Width: 78" to 85"
» Wide-Bodies: to 96"

    • Sleeps: » Two to four people

    • Engine: » Gasoline
» Diesel

    • Price: » Range: $35,000 to $75,000
» Average price range: $40,000 to $60,000

The Class B Motorhome, also known as a Van Conversion, can be described as a mini-Class-A. Manufacturers have been very creative in space utilization in many of these units. They are fully self-contained, with a refrigerator, sink, hot water, air conditioning and heater and comfortable sleeping facilities. Many have showers and toilet facilities. Although smaller in capacity, they even have holding tanks for your fresh water and gray and black waste water.

The advantages of a Class B include it's versatility, size, reasonable costs and driveability. When not used for camping, they are easily utilized as a second vehicle at home. Depending on the unit, a Class B is also capable of towing, either a small camping trailer or other "toys", such as a small boat, jet skis or ATVs.

With their compact size and many conveniences, the Class B Motorhome is ideal for couples and families with small children.

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