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truck camper

The Truck Camper is loaded onto the bed of a pickup truck and is very popular for remote location camping. Some newer units even have a slide-out for increased living space. Truck Campers are ideal units for those who already own a truck, making the transition to the world of RVing much easier.

Truck Camper at a Glance

    • Length: » Floor Length: 8' to 12'
» Roof Length: 8' to 18'

    • Width: » Standard: 69" to 90"
» Wide-Bodies: to 100"
» Widths do not include slide-outs

    • Sleeps: » Two to four people
» Up to six people, depending on floorplan

    • Price: » Range: $4,000 to $30,000
» Average price range: $12,000 to $20,000

Truck Campers can offer some distinct advantages over other types of RVs. If you already own a pickup, you can get into the world of RVing on a smaller initial investment. They can be loaded on and off the bed with relative ease, freeing up the truck for other uses. Trucks, especially 4-wheel-drive models, can take you to destinations that would be prohibitive with other types of RVs. And you can get a wide range of features in today's Truck Campers, even toilets/showers, to make your trip truly a home-away-from-home.

One disadvantage of a Truck Camper would have to be it's size. They are not well suited for larger families and, as manufacturers have to fit as many features as they can into a smaller unit, living space is not as great as with some other types of RVs. However, units are now coming with slide-outs which greatly increase the amount of living space available.

In summary, Truck Campers are not for everyone. But for many, especially those that enjoy remote location camping, already own a truck or are on a more limited budget, these units may offer the ideal solution.

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